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Oakland Kindergarten, sign up now!
Children's healthy and happiness are our primary goal.
We firmly believed that each child is unique and has great potential. We will take care of them according to their different personalities, different growth and development stage. We will induce and inspire their physical, intellectual, linguistic,and imaginative abilities through the way they like and cultivate the good, optimistic,
cheerful attitude, curiosity for new things, thirsty for knowledge and the abilities to get along with and communication with others.

There is a good environment in the kindergarten, presided over by senior preschool teachers, implement the conversation in Chinese to provide children with the basis of Chinese for the further learning. Through the language exchange, music, dance, painting, handicrafts and games and other activities, children's kindergarten life will be colorful, full of laughter and get healthy growth accordingly.

The kindergarten received children from 12 months to preschool children. It is openningfrom 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Welcome to our kindergarten! Welcome to visit us!

Add:2438 Renwick st Oakland CA 94601 (近High st)
Tel:510-502-8825 510-206-0660








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